WordPress.com interviews Twitter/Square

Matt Mullenweg interviews Jack Dorsey for his latest podcast episode:

I thought it was an interesting conversation. Here are 2 young and very successful programmers talking about how they are operating remote companies. They talk about OKRs, meetings, and other minutia of remote work.

My take is that Jack is a really smart guy trying to do good with his companies. I cannot imagine the stress that running Twitter has to be. Here is a platform that definitely assisted Donald Trump in becoming the politician he is today, but that topic was not discussed at all. Matt definitely made this an easy friendly space to talk business.

It is good to hear that Jack is leaning fully into remote work at his companies. Companies that don’t do this are going to struggle moving forward. Now that people have a taste of what remote work is like from a personal and management perspective they aren’t going to want to go back. Listening to this podcast might be best for people who aren’t remote yet.


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