What are your plans for 2021?

New year, new plans, maybe even new resolutions? I don’t know about any resolutions but I do have plans.

I plan to exercise every morning. I am pretty close to this already but want to make it as regular as drinking coffee in 2021. Of course I will still drink coffee too. My goal is to stay limber and strong. I still need to conquer the pull-up. I am able to do 2 or 3 at a time but want to get to 10 or more in 1 set.

We plan to build a house this year. We have the design pretty nailed down, now we just need to find a builder. There isn’t a huge hurry to get this done as we have the cabin to live in currently. However we are getting very excited about this building. I will be sure to post more about the design and our process soon.

I plan to blog more this year. I have been journaling everyday for the last 335 days and it has been good to write every morning. Lately I have been writing a blog post at the end of the work day. Today I started writing this post before work. I am sure part of the need to blog comes from the isolation of the pandemic. I feel like I am talking to someone here, even if no one is reading. Anyway its a cheap hobby.

I plan to do more woodworking in 2021. I have tinkered with woodworking over the years starting with shop class in 5th grade. I didn’t really see the potential in woodworking then and for a lot of years afterwards. A few years ago I spent a couple months working on a construction crew building custom homes. It was hard work but the satisfaction of building something at the end of the day was awesome. With woodworking I don’t have to quit my job and can have a similar experience of building things. Right now I am working through some basic projects that are helping me understand the tools better. I am also learning more about good design.

Of course I plan to ride my bike a lot this year. Last year I was just short of 2000 miles ridden. This year I plan on riding at least 50 miles a week which would put me at about 2600 miles. I would like to do some long distance races but also am cautious with all the COVID in the USA. It would suck to get sick now when I hope to be able to get a vaccine in a few months.

In 2021 I plan on volunteering with the Mancos Trail Group again. They have already announced that they will be doing the adopt a trail program again. This allows us to work on the trails but remain socially distanced. Until I have my vaccine I am going to act like I am in lock down. The USA just isn’t getting this thing under control without a vaccine.

That’s my short list so far. I am sure things will change and I will add to this. How about you? What are your plans for 2021?


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  1. A lot of this resonates with me. A lot of our interests are really closely aligned.

    Pull-ups are a weird exercise. Some people can do quite a few naturally, without really working that hard at it, others work really hard and can’t do as many. I could be wrong about this, but my suspicion is that it has as much or more to do with body geometry as actual strength.

    Sounds like a year full of good stuff.

    1. Yeah I think there is definitely a mental thing to pull ups for me as well. I just never could do them very well, except the summer of 1999. There may have been some Ripped Fuel involved with that though. One thing I have noticed over the years is that my Rhomboids get very sore and painful sometimes. I think this means I need to get them stronger and be sure to warm up better.

      Overall I am very excited about 2021 even if the US is gonna make this vaccine roll out a catastrophie. At this point I am happy with isolating and I think woodworking and blogging help fill the time.

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