Fun ski/splitboard film in the Swiss Alps. Besides being able to ride awesome mountains and make us jealous the riders attempt to be as low carbon footprint as possible. Its a fun snow sport film that gets me excited about winter. The side focus and commentary on climate change is sobering. Here you can see the environment change as the glaciers have melted away.

The movie is fun and interesting in many ways. The history of the alps, the crazy athletic abilities of the athletes, and the conversation about the environment. Naturally it got me thinking about our carbon footprint and impact on climate change.

One of the focuses on our home design has been Net Zero design. The idea is to build a structure that produces all of the energy that it uses. To do that we build a highly efficient home that is run on electricity. Then we add PV Solar to cover our electrical usage.

How big a difference does one house make though? The thing about one house building like this is that then it leads to other houses building like this. Once you see that something is possible it becomes more probable that you will do it too. I think most people look at Net Zero from an up front cost perspective.

Yes adding insulation and Solar PV costs money, but these are two things that continue to pay you back. Instead of having expensive counter tops we will have a home that pays for its energy usage starting year one. By year 5 or 8 we will have recouped the cost of the system.

Yes climate change is a massive issue and it will take a lot of action from the largest countries and companies. But I also see the benefit in each one of us taking action. While individual actions are small they add up by influencing each other to do better.

Regarding the ski movie: Its odd that in 2018 there weren’t any female skiers or splitboarders available for the movie…


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