Review: Counterpart (TV Series)

What if there was a door to a parallel universe that you could visit just by walking through it? What would happen if you met yourself in that parallel world? Would you get along, or would you feel threatened/jealous/envious/afraid? Now consider that everyone else in your world has a double in the other world and consider the complexity of that situation.

The TV series Counterpart centers entirely around this premise and the writers take it to eleven. Through the course of 20 episodes and 2 seasons we the viewer follow Howard Silk as he learns about a world he also had no idea about, even though it was under his nose at work and living in his home.

It took me over a year to complete the series mainly because I got lost with the complexity of it all. One world of characters is generally too much for me to stay interested; unless there are spaceships like in The Expanse. That show got off to a slow start but then had me sucked in; until its lackluster conclusion. With Counterpart the world is just the world we live in today; except there is a parallel world, and a government agency setup to keep the peace.

All that said the show is brilliant with great writing, acting, and photography. JK Simmons is the main character and there are 2 of him so its even more entertaining. It is set in Berlin with mostly english actors so everything and everyone looks and acts super cool.

If you like sci-fi you will enjoy Counterpart. If you like spy thrillers you will enjoy Counterpart. If you have trouble keeping track of names then this show may infuriate you as there are a lot of people, then remember to double them. However, it’s just a TV show so don’t feel stressed if you don’t understand everything. Its a mystery as well as sci-fi, and cloak and dagger show. You are supposed to be lost at times. By the end you should have a decent grasp on what happened, or not.

Counterpart is available on Amazon Prime.


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