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Pivot – Joe Rogan-Spotify-Anti-Vax, Canadian truckers, and the US Supreme Court

Interesting discussion about the recent kerfuffle with Joe Rogan, Spotify, and a recent episode with anti-vax conspiracies. There is a freedom of speech aspect here but there are also consequences for spreading misinformation. Rogan can say whatever he wants but there will be consequences if people die because of what he says. Spotify cannot hide behind Section 230 here since they pay Rogan for exclusivity. One host plans to take his podcast off of Spotify. Relatedly Canadian truckers recently went to the capital to protest vaccine mandates. Even though 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated a vocal minority is getting outsized coverage and ended up getting a lot of people to show up and protest. Finally they talk about the US Supreme Court and the upcoming nomination from Biden. The court is very conservative at the moment and this nominee will be very important for balance in the decades to come.

Fresh Air – Dir. Guillermo del Toro

Excellent discussion about del Toro’s recent movie, Nightmare Alley, starring Bradley Cooper. The film centers around the Carnival and the cons run to separate people from their money. Cooper’s character escapes to the Carnival to hide from his past. The film sounds great and also has William DaFoe, which automatically means its entertaining. The conversation goes into del Toro’s childhood experiences and is a great listen. Terry Gross is a treasure and has been hosting this show for over 45 years!

ReWork – Building to Flip is Building to Flop

This episode discusses the concept of building a business with the intent to sell that business as soon as it makes sense. An analogy is made to spec homes, or a home that is built only with the intent of selling it. The builder does not consider this to be their home, nor is there anyone involved who will live in the home. Anecdotally the hosts bring up a spec home being built in their neighborhood and how the sub contractors mention how cheaply it is being built. The same happens with businesses where corners are cut because the builder/developer will not have to live with those decisions down the road. The hosts also draw from their experience of building Basecamp into the apps that is had today.


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