Last night I watched some Youtubes before packing off to bed and caught an episode from Vegan Cyclist that I had not seen before. He goes on a pretty epic mountain bike ride which is cool. Then at the end of the video he talks about how he and his wife make it possible for each other to do their own things.

It’s a footnote to the overall video. The lighting is terrible but the honesty is awesome and I highly recommend watching it. Here is where this part starts:

It’s only 2 minutes long but Tyler explains how they are able to make it work, and what it comes down to is commitment.

They are 100% committed to each other with no questions asked. If one of them wants to do something that is important to them the other one says yes, then figures out how to make it happen. This is so crucial for any partnership and especially for a romantic relationship.

There are times when it is hard to do this but those are the times that you need to do it. If you want the relationship to last and be enjoyable. I know that I am guilty of not always being 100% committed when Kate wants to do something but I try to limit those times. I also try to make it up to her as quickly as possible, somehow. This may explain why we have a rose bush.

Oh here is the entire video, its fun too:


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