Leveling Up

I have written about using software like Alfred to improve productivity before. One of the critical aspects of using Alfred successfully is using the keyboard as your primary tool for interacting with your computer. So one thing I am generally trying to improve is my typing.

Yesterday Youtube recommended this video:

Its a super nerdy video but I already learned one new trick:

Option + Delete/Backspace

Usually when I have a typo I hit the Delete/Backspace key repeatedly until the word is gone. By using Option + Delete I can delete the prior word. Hit it again and delete the prior word, ad infinum. Anytime I need to hit delete more than once I should use this shortcut.

Learning a new keyboard shortcut takes time and forcing yourself to use the shortcut. In this case if I forget and hit Delete more than once I will retype the mistake and then use the Option+Delete shortcut. Eventually it will be muscle memory.

Anyway the video had a ton of other great suggestions for learning to type faster: 10fastfingers.com and keybd.com are 2 great sites to practice your typing skills.


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