Force reps training ride

Today was the first ride of week 2 of the 40+ 12 week base mountain bike training program that I started last week. The plan today was what the plan refers to as a force reps workout. Basically the workout is focused around 10 reps of maximum effort for 10 pedal strokes. Then rest for 3 minutes before the next rep.

Overall the workout was hard but enjoyable. It started off with a 20 minute warm up that builds into a level 3 heart rate effort. Thanks s part of the ride was good but I did find that I had to try pretty hard to get into my level 2 heart rate which starts at 122 bpm. Then further into level 3 which starts at 137 bpm and goes up to 142 bpm.

After the warm up I cooled down for 3 minutes before a 1 minute max effort trying to get into level 5 heart rate zone which for me starts at 153 bpm and goes up to whatever I can do. Then I rest for 3 minutes before starting the workout.

The workout requires slowing to a walking speed of 2 to 3 mph and shifting into a big gear. Then you press as hard as you can for 10 full revolutions. Once you hit 10 you shift down and rest at a level 1 heart rate zone which for me is under 122 bpm. The idea is to do these on flat ground to a slight climb.

Overall it was a great workout and was over within an hour.


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