So it begins! 1/100

Big day, today! Its day 1 of the 100 days of blogging challenge. I have reached out to my coworkers to join me in writing a blog post everyday for 100 days. We start today, May 1st 2020, and continue till August 9th, 2020. So far these are the other sites involved in the challenge:Jon’s…… Continue reading So it begins! 1/100

Body-weight Wednesday

Listening to: Fitbit story of how it came to be on How I built that. Fun listen about the start of a big brand that got clobbered by the Apple Watch. Product Strategy from the Rework podcast. Always interesting to hear how people design and build things. One take away for me here is setting…… Continue reading Body-weight Wednesday

Recommended Routine

Ok Monday lets go! Its a day off today. Well not from working-out but from working. Since we moved back to Colorado over the weekend it seemed like taking an extra day to settle in is a nice touch. Plus there is a lot of work to do on the land, and family and friends…… Continue reading Recommended Routine

Core then TGIF

Featured Image from Dustin CC BY-NC 2.0 Happy Friday! Tomorrow we drive the trailer north to our land in Southwest Colorado. Getting pretty excited about that. Tomorrow we will drive about 6.5 hours to Cameron AZ just north of Flagstaff. Its a trading post/gas station town near the east entrance to the Grand Canyon. We…… Continue reading Core then TGIF

Strength Day Wednesday

Heyo! Happy hump day and lets get right into the strength training day. Before I started this current 12 week cycling training program I was pretty consistently doing a 3 day a week bodyweight training program. I have a love then not so love relationship with strength training in general. I love that it makes…… Continue reading Strength Day Wednesday