59 miles and a Birthday

We got in our first big ride of the 2022 cycling season last Saturday. It was our friend Ondine’s birthday so we rode her age in miles. It’s something Kate and her parents have done for a number of years and now our friends are participating.

Ondine came up with a course that went near routes we have ridden in our county but we hit a number of smaller roads this time. I have ridden by most of these roads but never turned down them. This day we did and it was glorious. We rode on asphalt and gravel and my skinny road bike tires did fine. Though my front tire had a slow leak I managed to get back home just fine.

It was just 40 degrees when we started at about 9am. We had a few layers of clothing on that we slowly thinned down as the day progressed. The temperature was pretty perfect all day and we kept the pace slow and conversational.


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