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  • New Bike Day!

    New Bike Day!

    I am a little kid on Christmas morning. The anticipation has been building for days and years. Technically yesterday was new bike day as that is when FedEx delivered my Canyon Spectral 29 CF 8. This is my first new-new bike in 15 years and my excitement is well beyond 9000! My coworker had a […]

  • 100 days of blogging challenge 2021 1/100

    100 days of blogging challenge 2021 1/100

    Here we go again! Its the 2021 edition of the 100 days of blogging challenge and I am pretty excited. First of all I got up and am writing this morning which is a great start. Second I have a lot to share over the next 100 days: my birthday is in 13 days, we […]

  • Recovering from Thanksgiving

    Recovering from Thanksgiving

    The start of a new week after a big holiday is always a tenuous situation. On one hand four days off of work is very helpful for relaxing and remembering what is important. On the other hand it makes it more difficult to come back to work the following Monday, because even when work is […]

  • Don’t forget to have fun

    Don’t forget to have fun

    Kate and I hosted our 3rd group bike ride this Sunday at Chicken Creek Nordic Center in Mancos, CO. We started hosting these rides as a way to promote the monthly Sunday brunch at our local brewery. It has turned into way more fun than I had anticipated. The original idea came up this spring […]

  • Making bicycling a habit : 24/100

    Making bicycling a habit : 24/100

    If you have been with me for that last 3 posts on getting started with bicycling, you should now know: What bike to get first What to wear and have for tools How to stay safe while riding The 4th installment of this series examines how to make riding your bike into a habit. Making […]

  • Riding safely : 23/100

    Riding safely : 23/100

    This is part 3 of a 4 part series on getting started with bicycling. In part 1 we covered getting a bike and in part 2 we covered proper clothing and tools to start cycling. In part 3 we are going to discuss how to ride your bike safely. Its just like riding a bike […]

  • Proper clothing and tools for bicycling : 22/100

    Proper clothing and tools for bicycling : 22/100

    In yesterdays post we talked about choosing a bike based on the style of riding you plan on doing. TLDR; if you are just getting started I suggest getting either a cruiser or hard tail mountain bike. Either one will be comfortable and affordable. Cruiser for pavement riding, mountain bike for dirt riding, although it […]