Off the Bike

Core then TGIF

Featured Image from Dustin CC BY-NC 2.0

Happy Friday! Tomorrow we drive the trailer north to our land in Southwest Colorado. Getting pretty excited about that. Tomorrow we will drive about 6.5 hours to Cameron AZ just north of Flagstaff. Its a trading post/gas station town near the east entrance to the Grand Canyon.

We have stopped there a few times over the years as its about halfway between where our land is and Phoenix. While there is an RV park to stay at it is horribly unlevel and a little small for our 30 foot travel trailer.

The owners actually recommended that we just park in an overflow lot a few years ago. So that is what we do everytime. Its not totally level but we park so that our heads are higher than our feet when sleeping and its good for one night.

Workout Details:

Today is a 30 min Core workout and a 30 min easy ride. For the Core I have a 20 minute Ab routine on Audible that makes me wimper and cry only a few times. That’s how you know its good. 😂

I survived and then did a 10 minute Yoga routine that was nice and relaxing.

The ride will happen after work and will be nice and easy.

See y’all manana!

Off the Bike

Strength Day Wednesday

Heyo! Happy hump day and lets get right into the strength training day.

Before I started this current 12 week cycling training program I was pretty consistently doing a 3 day a week bodyweight training program. I have a love then not so love relationship with strength training in general. I love that it makes me stronger and gets me to work on muscle groups that riding a bike doesn’t necessarily work. The not so love part comes in cause when I am doing strength training it means I am not riding my bike.

Lately I have been using some Yoga and Core workouts included with my Audible subscription to help me do parts of the strength workouts. Part of this is because the cycling training program I am on doesn’t exactly give me a detailed workout plan. Its more of guidelines of what exercises to do. The other part is that having a recording explicitly tell me to do crunches and pushups and mountain climbers and other movements that I don’t like to do, helps get me to do them.

Today I started off with a 20 minute Yoga warm up to get things going and then did two 10 minute Ab/Core workouts that were really hard. On one hand it is really good to be pushed to the limit as it helps you understand where you can improve. On the other hand it can be a little demotivating to totally get your butt kicked and not be able to complete every movement as instructed.

In the end I know that each minute I put into the strength work will come back as more comfort and endurance on the bike. 😘