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  • Possibly the best thing

    Possibly the best thing

    We built a shower into the garage for dog washing, but if we had children I could see it being equally useful. When we lived in the trailer dirt was just a fact of life. Now that we are in a house it is refreshing to have as little dirt as possible. Now Dazey and…

  • The Flying Enzo!

    The Flying Enzo!

    This is my boy Enzo. He is maybe 9 years old but is still the same dog we got from the foster all those years ago. If you cannot tell he loves running in the snow.

  • Hitting the Road

    Hitting the Road

    On Labor Day 9/1/2014 Kate and I packed up what we needed, and hit the road to be fulltime RVers and digital nomads. It took 3 months for us to plan everything from renting out our home, to finding a trailer and tow vehicle, and figuring out that Kate would resign her job. This was…

  • Zen and the Art of the Dog Walk

    Zen and the Art of the Dog Walk

    It wasn’t until I met Kate that I have ever had a dog as a pet, or even had a pet. My sister had some hamsters at some point but that was just a box of shit in the house. Anytime I brought up getting a dog to my family there was mumblings of responsibility,…