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  • Too fast to start 2k

    Too fast to start 2k

    On Saturday I had my first 2km rowing test as part of the twelve week training program I am following. The goal of the training program is to improve my time in a 2km row. This training program is divided up into three 4 week segments. I just finished the first 4 week segment which […]

  • Rowing the distance

    While my blogging habit has had difficulties recently, my indoor rowing routine has stuck to the training plan. I was worried that this training plan was too aggressive but so far so good. I have been sticking to the schedule and have completed every workout assigned. On average I am doing about 10km a day, […]

  • Diving into Indoor Rowing

    Just before Christmas I got an indoor rowing machine. The goal of getting the rower was to give me a way to exercise aerobically during the winter months. My left knee has no meniscus since it was removed surgically 4 years ago. This means that running is over for me, unless I want to accelerate […]

  • 100,000 meters so far

    I bought an indoor rowing machine a few weeks ago to keep my aerobic fitness going through winter. We took delivery on Dec 24th and I did a short 10 minute workout to test it out. Since then I have used it 10 more days and so far have rowed over 100,000 meters or 100km, […]

  • Getting started with rowing

    Getting started with rowing

    I returned the really expensive mountain bike a few weeks ago. It was too small and I also don’t need a super duper high end mountain bike. I don’t need to go any faster than I already go. In the meantime the ground is covered in snow and riding a bike out of doors is […]